Animation studio Production IG has announced that it is working on it through a first teaser trailer shared on its official pagesAnimated film adaptation of The Klutzy Witchpopular children’s book series.

Known by its original name Rakudai Majo, theWork written by Satoko Narita will soon receive an animated adaptation. The release is planned for spring 2023. The anime film is currently in production at the Production IG Studio. who published a first video of the product. Announced collaborators include Takayuki Hamana as director, Kiyoko Yoshimura as script director, and Marumi Sugita as character designer. Keep in mind that Production IG is busy launching The Deer King.

there Narita’s book series was released in 2006 with The Klutzy Witch is a princess. The latest, The Klutzy Witch and the Palace of Darkness, is from 2013. The film adaptation from Production IG, which just released the opening of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 Season 2, is relaunching the series after almost a decade of absence start. The franchise has currently published 17 novels and a book of short stories, e.g a total of 1.4 million copies sold.

This is the plot of the first story. Fuka is the daughter of the Queen of Silver Castle and trains daily to become a skilled witch, just like her mother. Very lively, she often gets into trouble. Her best friend is Karn, a princess from Green Castle. Chitose, Prince of Blue Castle, is his childhood friend. When Fuka goes to the Wolfswald and falls into a ditch, you start Story of adventure and friendship. Let us know by commenting if this first teaser captured your childish imagination.

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