Now that the Kingdom of Swords raid saga is over, Black Clover is taking a three-month hiatus, which will allow writer Yuki Tabata to rearrange his ideas for the grand finale. Which of the protagonists will claim the throne of the Magical Emperor of the Kingdom of Clover?

Given the sensational discovery of Chapter 331, there is sure to be a new Emperor in the latest Black Clover saga. The candidates are numerous and valid, but which of them will be worthy? Substitute for Julius Novachrono?

Klee magicians are Returning from the attack on the Kingdom of Swords. Not without difficulties and perhaps with some obscure help, the protagonists emerged victorious from the battle with the Dark Triad of Zogratis brothers and Lucifer. However, a shocking discovery awaits them at home.

At the moment we don't know if that's the caseAntagonist will continue to plan in the shadows, or when the wizards return to the realm, it will attack immediately. It will probably still take him some time to secure the powers of the Heart of Lucifer, and for that he will have to leave the scene and release Clover's throne.

A replacement emperor is therefore needed. To claim this title, the captains of companies such as Nozel Silva or Fuegoleon Vermillion. Another ideal candidate could be it Mereoleona Vermilliona great help in the course of the battle.

Obviously the more specific suitors are Yami Sukehiro and William Vangeance. However, the latter may have to give up his dream due to what happened to the elves. However, the Black Bull's commander could prove disinterested in the title of Magic Emperor, but still be "forced" by events, as happened to Kakashi Hatake in Naruto Shippuden.

There is no shortage of coincidence among these names Asta and Yuno. Both have renewed their pledge, but perhaps it's still too early to give them that title. The two protagonists may have to wait their turn like Naruto did to his teacher Kakashi. Tabata will follow in Kishimoto's footstepsor will he surprise us by immediately putting one of the two young wizards on the throne?

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