The anime of Black clover has finally returned to customize the pages of Yuki Tabata's manga, and this means that some secrets will be revealed soon and there will be major debuts. When the battle with the Dark Triad finally broke out, a sensational revelation was made to viewers regarding Yuno.

The first episode of the new story arc ended with a mysterious twist who seemed to bind a refugee from the Kingdom of Swords to Yuno. Black Clover's new episode seems to have confirmed that the two are somehow linked by a common thread.

After Yuno learned that a refugee from the Kingdom of Swords was looking for him, he went to the village of Hage. When the two meet, the mysterious man claims that Yuno is "the likeness of Lord Ciel" and reveals that he is not an enemy, gives some details about them Past of the kingdom of swords.

Before the coming of the Dark Triad, the Kingdom of Swords It was a peaceful nation under the rule of House Grinberryall. And apparently Yuno belongs to this house, effectively making him the dethroned prince of the Kingdom of Swords. Yuno's mysterious past is deeply ingrained in Black Clover. The reopening awaits the arrival of a key figure in Black Clover.

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