The month-long hiatus that Yuki Tabata took in 2022 was fundamental in the construction of the latest threat, causing many difficulties for Asta and his companions. Fortunately, the protagonist of Black clover He managed to learn a very powerful technique, and before he saw it in action on Judgment Day, here it is in a new guise.

Awaiting the clashes that will characterize the final saga of the series, where Asta will surely do his best to demonstrate the value of what he learned on the battlefield in Tierra del Fuego from the Seven Ryuzen, the artists of creations in the factorya company also known as CAW presented a magnificent statue dedicated to the protagonist.

Measuring 45 centimeters in height, the new addition to the company's collectibles line is meticulously detailed and cared for to pay homage Black Auction, form that the protagonist achieves in which the anti-magic modifies the right side of his body, specifically the arm and face. The figures of it Only 108 copies will be produced will be launched between the first and second quarters of 2024 and is already available to book on the company's website at a price of US$599.

Finally, we remind you that the Black Clover manga has just turned 8 years after the publication of the first chapter on the pages of Weekly Shonen Jump and we leave you to speculate about the return of the anime after the announcement by the interruption of the Boruto anime by animation studio Pierrot.

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