The Japanese film critic Kei Onodera released an update that went viral on social networks in Japan for saying that "The anime and manga industry is out of date and needs to follow current guidelinesThe publication came in response to a point made by the user @cha_na_maru, Who wrote:

«Akamatsu claims that "the destructive power of political correctness is very dangerous". There is no knowledge of manga history and social issues in this statement. How is it possible that he makes this statement with such pride? The American comic book market "isn't that big" when compared to Japanese manga, "manga superiority in numbers," and other atrocities».

Onodera replied: «This is bad. It all starts with the skewed and outdated idea we are in right now. No matter how much we talk about the new age, they will not understand. It's like going back in time trying to convince scientists that the earth is not the center of the universe.».

He added: "I think Japanese writers need to think about whether the culture that surrounds them is really up to the standards of the rest of the world. Just because they claim to be the best themselves doesn't mean the rest of the world will agree, much like Harga's village in Midsommar. I think you better start coming to earth».

He then compared two works with practically the same story and theme, but from different periods, and wrote: «Can we really say that Japanese culture is entering a new era?».

Fountain: Yaraon!


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