Asta was always chasing Sister Lily, of course without standing a chance. Fully devoted to the deities and a more priestly role, the woman would never have accepted the advances of Asta, who is instead being carefully watched by Noelle, Mimosa, and others. But in Black Clover can also talk about other couples.

There were several moments when a particular witness became Exchange between Yami Sukehiro and Charlotte Roselei. The commander of the magical Knights of the Blue Rose has been in love with the captain of the Black Bull for some time, and Black Clover shows this feeling on several occasions. Despite attempts to get closer, it took Charlotte many chapters to explain herself to Yami, which didn't even fully succeed in part due to the captain's mental state.

But now things seem to have changed, with the Chapter 354 of Black Clover which began the bloody final battle, but before that he dedicated a tender moment to this couple. Before Lucius came around Yami and Charlotte were talking, when the first of the woman suggested that they have tea together when it was all over. It's certainly nothing particularly concrete, but the captain who gets in touch will surely take this potential couple a step further towards the ultimate romantic dimension.

Obviously, both must first survive the dangerous battle that awaits them, with a Lucius Zogratis who has already eliminated Jack and who appears increasingly divine and almighty.

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