Do you know Akihabara, the anime and gaming paradise in Tokyo? Well, there's a specialist store there called Cardland, known for its incredible collection of trading card games. But Cardland recently faced a unique challenge during the hot summer season - a lack of hygiene among some of its customers. But fear not, a surprising solution has arrived in the form of a generous shipment of detergent from OxiClean!

Now, Cardland, which is like a sacred sanctuary for card game lovers in Tokyo, has seen an increase in visitors arriving at the store in less-than-ideal hygienic conditions. Blame it on the scorching temperatures and the extreme humidity that define the month of June. It's not the most pleasant situation, especially during tournaments when participants spend extended periods in a confined space.

So, Cardland took to their social media channels and made a humble request to their customers. They kindly asked everyone to take a refreshing shower before visiting the store, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness, especially during tournaments:

"Attention, lovely people! The weather has become much hotter with the sudden rise in temperatures. As a result, we've noticed a small but noticeable increase in customers coming to our store in an unhygienic state. We kindly request that you take a good shower before coming to the store and arrive feeling fresh, especially during our tournaments, where many people share the same closed space for a long period of time."


Well, you won't believe what happened next! Cardland's request went viral on social media, capturing the attention of many. And the surprise came when Graphico, the Japanese distributor of OxiClean, sent a package containing several samples of their famous detergent to the store. Cardland expressed their gratitude on Twitter, announcing their plans to distribute these samples to their customers and tournament participants.

The response from the community to this unexpected gift from OxiClean has been quite diverse. Some found humor in the situation, while others appreciated the initiative taken by Cardland. However, the store hopes that this collaboration will raise awareness about the importance of personal hygiene among its visitors. While there's no guarantee that every otaku who receives the OxiClean samples will use them, Cardland is optimistic that this gesture will at least make the task of doing laundry a bit easier and increase the likelihood of proper washing.

By giving away detergent packs, Cardland is also sending a clear message about the level of consideration they expect from their visitors as they step through their doors. This unique collaboration between a card store and a detergent brand aims to enhance the overall experience for customers and create a more pleasant environment for all the otakus who visit Cardland to indulge in their favorite trading card games.


So, let's keep the otaku community fresh and fabulous! Remember, personal hygiene is important, whether you're battling it out in a card tournament or enjoying the latest anime releases. Cardland and OxiClean have joined forces to make sure we all have a great time and leave a lasting impression.

Source: Otakomu

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