It seemed over, but it wasn't. The protagonists of Black clover You fought a battle against the Dark Triad in the last few chapters and won after so many vicissitudes. Dante was the first to be defeated, later followed by Vanica and Megicula, and eventually ended up with the mighty Yuno defeating Zenon. Still, something is wrong.

Morris continued the ritual thanks to a pact with one of the strongest devils, but the Black Bull intervened. The whole brigade has come to rescue Yami, the captain who was kidnapped some time ago.

the Black Clover 313 spoiler complete with pictures available below shows some aspects of this chapter. This week's story is all about one Flashback from Yami Sukehiro, apparently still conscious. Think back to the times when he was ostracized for his dark magic, when he met William and Julius and the other captains, as well as the times when he was seen with Tomorrow. The moment he is kidnapped by Zenon, through Morris' comments, the memories move closer and closer to the present, but then he wakes up to the scream of the Black Bull screaming his name.

Morris passed out and Yami asks his members if they love him so much, to which they say yes. However, on the last page of Black Clover 313, another portal opens.

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