The intense series of battles that the protagonists of Black clover it now seemed to have ended with the spectacular attack that concluded chapter 310, but on the last date author Yuki Tabata decided to bring in a completely unexpected twist that affects one of the most powerful demons.

The outcome of the clash between Yuno and Zenon Zogratis did indeed eliminated the Dark Triad, but leaves room for a threat: the ongoing ritual for the emergence of Qliphoth. In a disturbing table, Tabata presents the new and true host of Lucifer or Moristhat acts as a catalyst for the same ritual. Despite Dante's defeat, Lucifer can therefore continue to open the gates of the underworld.

Myriads of demons continue to invade the kingdom of swords, and as the chapter progresses, readers will be told that the demon who made a pact with Moris is actually much more powerful than expected. Lucifer continued to influence and use the doctor as a second host and use his magic for Modify the Qliphoth tree so that you don't need Zogratis to open the gates. A plan that seems to have worked because the second gate opens.

In conclusion, remember that singer Megan Thee Stallion is very fond of the series, and we leave you to hypotheses about the events of Chapter 312 of Black Clover, which are about to be released Sunday, November 7th, 2021 on Manga Plus.

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