Pokémon explorations tests the bond between Ash and Lucario with the new episode. Ash continues to rise in the ranks of the World Coronation Series faced some of his toughest battles with each new episode. He made it through the top half of the Ultra Class and is looking forward to getting into the Master class.

This has challenged him more than ever and he is starting to apply all the strategies and techniques he has learned on his journey. All of this turns out especially in his last fight because after he confronts Fabia In two previous bouts in the top ranks of the World Coronation Series, Ash now represents them third time one of his greatest rivals.

This shows how far he and Lucario have come since their first two fights, but one moment in particular has really tested their bond, and that is the time Lucario refused Mega Evolve immediately, against Ash's instructions and wanted to show how strong he was even without this power.

Ash spent the final episodes of Pokémon Explorations looking for a Keystone and a Lucarite to unlock the mega-evolution of Lucario in the face of the great battles that would come in the next stages of the World Coronation Series. And he managed to unlock the transformation in time for the fight against Bea that began in the last episode of the series.

Lucario had to prove just as much to the strong trainer as Ash had since he was one Riolu, he had to work too hard to win. Now that it has developed, he wants to show Fabia what she can really do.

This made Ash a little nervous when he saw that Lucario was a little stuck. Ash then tried using Mega Evolution, but Lucario refused to evolve, much to the entire audience's shock. Lucario wanted to wait until the moment Fabia was getting serious, and he wanted Ash to trust him.

So the two are ready to hold out until the mega evolution is absolutely necessary. Will we see Mega Evolution versus Gigamax in episode 86 of Pokémon Explorations?

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