In the past few months, Netflix has announced the arrival on the platform of Several animated series from major video game franchises, including DOTA, Assassin's Creed, Resident Evil, and Dragon's Dogma. The US streaming giant's big investment has drawn fans to make some inquiries, and among these, that of stands out an anime adaptation for The Legend of Zelda.

The inquiries prompted the guys at Zelda Dungeon to interview David Howe, editors of Castlevania 3 and 4 at Powerhouse Animation Studios and ask him about the possibilities, especially if he had his opinion A similar product could work.

""If I remember correctly, there is already a precedent"Howe said:"I have a few copies of the Ocarina of Time manga at home. So if Nintendo approved a manga adaptation, I don't understand why an anime won't work. Personally, I'm a huge Zelda fan and I would love to see a TV series. There has been a lot of talk about movies, but I think it takes more time to transpose something like Breath of the Wild so a series would be perfect. You can also create narrative arcs, including bosses and temples. In short, the potential is there".

After analyzing the possible structure of the anime through some comparisons with Demon Slayer, Howe spoke about the type of TV series he would like to see: "The TV series of dreams is aimed at an adult audience. We're not talking about something out of the ordinary like Castlevania, but I think transposing the world and characters in a very serious way could be the perfect choice.Howe went on to say that he had heard several rumors about a live-action adaptation of Zelda, but that many employees - including himself - would like to see an anime.

Nintendo is already working on a 2022 Super Mario movie and a Netflix series from Sonic, and it looks like it's impossible to rule out Zelda receiving similar treatment lately. The company's plans are primarily aimed at the big screen, but given the interest circulating in the animation studios, it can't be ruled out that the big N will evaluate some alternative options as well.

And what do you think? Would you like to see a Zelda anime? Or would you prefer a film? Tell us yours in the comments!

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