The battle in the Kingdom of Swords is drawing to a close, and the threat from the Dark Triad is almost averted. While Magna and Noelle were busy with Dante and Vanica, respectively, Yuno has the task of stopping the last of the Zogratis brothers still alive, Zenon. The fight breaks out in Chapter 305 of Black Clover.

To the wizards ofGolden sunrise touches the task of facing the terrible battle in the kingdom of swords. Above all, Yuno and the deputy commander Langris Vaude have to deal with it Zenon Zogratiswho has managed to fully master the power of his devil.

However, Yuno is firmly convinced that he can beat Zenon and asks his superior to do so Earn 3 minutes so that he can work his strongest magic. After the time frame expires, Asta's rival throws him Spirit of Eunos, Wind magic that harnesses the power of the spirit Sylph.

That magic was recognized by a wonderful color fanart that you can find in the tweet at the bottom of the article. Armed with a bow and arrow, adorned with a crown and a long robe, Yuno demonstrates her full potential. On the other hand, when he intends to be crowned Magical emperor and winning the bet with Asta, this is the only way to get your worth.

What do you think of this picture? And do you think the spirit of Eunos will be enough to kill the last living Zogratis? We leave you to the strength of the Golden Dawn in Black Clover 305 and an in-depth study of the love story between Asta and Noelle.

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