The narrative arc set in the land of Wa has now ended with several chapters, but the weight of some events and discoveries that took place in these places will profoundly influence the latest saga of ONE PIECE. Among the most important events are the improvements achieved by the protagonists, such as the precious enma katana inherited from Roronoa Zoro.

Forged by Shimotsuki Kozaburo and used by Kozuki Oden for many years, enma it was then entrusted to Tenguyama Hitetsu, a sword maker who turns out to be Kozuki Sukiyaki, former shogun of the country and father of the legendary samurai. enma falls under the twenty-one Class 0 Wazamono Bladesand for this reason it is among the most powerful swords in the ONE PIECE universe.

Only thanks to Hyori, Oden's daughter and Momonosuke's younger sister, Zoro will get Enma in exchange for the precious Shusui and know what this blade is really capable of. In fact, Enma tends to forcefully extract the armor's ambition from the user, a phenomenon that initially caused trouble for the Mugiwara swordsman. The purple aura of absorption even envelops Zoro Bust of Ditaeshi.

The 13-inch bust is quite detailed, with an Oni mask also appearing to be forming at the bottom. The product will be launched between the second and third quarters of 2023 and will be sold at Price of 95 euros.

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