The Kingdom anime series will return exactly a year after its launch, as announced a few hours ago on the work's official website. The animation studio has indeed released one new teaser trailer with Xin and the back month of the animeApril 2021.

The series producers announced this last spring Episodes 5 or more would be postponed to a later date based on the guidelines of the Japanese government. According to the Pierrot boys, production continued with no particular problems, but the commitment to work smart and the demand to stop work due to Covid-19 had forced the studio to stop the series.

Last October, issue 45 of Weekly Young Jump had confirmed the return of Kingdom for generic spring 2021, and today's teaser finally indicated the month of official release. Pierrot's animators haven't been idle, however, as they have continued to work over the past few months Black clover, Buruto: Naruto the next generations is Akudama Drive.

And what do you think? Are you waiting for the anime to return? Please let us know by leaving a comment in the box below! If you're looking for more information instead, we recommend checking out our latest news on Kingdom where we talked about the number of chapters and volumes being adjusted.

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