Asta and his companions launched the final assault on the Kingdom of Swords in the last chapters. Many show themselves against the manga's new enemies, leading to breathtaking battles. However, Yuki Tabata was forced to stop Black Clover for a week for health reasons.

But now the magical story of Weekly Shonen Jump returns. Black Clover will be returning to MangaPlus in a few days, but in the meantime, the first spoiler on Black Clover 293. We were left behind in the battle between Magna Swing and Dante, and the former finally found a way to compete on an equal footing with the Dark Triad. By doing Images of Black Clover 293 What you can see below is happiness running towards the castle as Magna continues his battle against Dante.

Magna evades the various attacks provoked by Dante's magic. He looks back on some of his past moments and continues to sink punches on the enemy body. Suddenly Dante is without mana and can no longer heal himself and use the magic of gravity. The reason for this is that the real of Spade and Magna has run out of all available magic and this will now be a full melee combat. On the last page of Black Clover 293, Magna knocks out the opponent and utters a cry of victory. Did the Black Bull member really manage to win like this?

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