The second part of Attack on Titan 4. The last season led to an advancement of the Studio MAPPA anime, which is now getting closer and closer to the finale. Eren Jaeger's story is coming to an end, but in order to prepare for the final phase, there is a way to retrace the events.

In fact, the TV part ended, the time has come to propose that Home video version of Attack on Titan season 4. The second part of the last season has been in the release for some time and now it's the turn to show it Attack on Titan 4 Blu-ray Edition third cover.

As seen in the tweet below, the prepared illustration can be seen Eren above, adult and in profile, looking up at the sky, while below is the famous tree on the hill that he, Mikasa and Armin ran towards as children. With the sunset behind us, it seems inevitable to announce the arrival of the end, the moment when we will reach the goal of a story that has lasted many years and has conquered everyone.

For those who have already watched the series and have no intention of reclaiming the Blu-rays, there is nothing left but to read the manga or wait for the third part of Attack on Titan 4, which will be released in 2023.

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