During the first phase of the fourth season of My hero academia We witnessed a very important operation by the Heroes aimed at unbalancing an Overhaul-led organization of yakuza, also known as Kai Chisaki. The man used little Eri to develop a new weapon that later led to the loss of Mirio Togata's quirk.

Eri was then freed from Deku thanks to the fight, who with the most epic scenes of the fourth season of My Hero Academia made 100% use of the One for All and eliminated the enemy. However, the little girl could not immediately break away from the dark aura of her former guardian and from her It took a long time before we were really free.

The event happened during the cultural festival, which Deku was able to save by stopping Gentle Criminal's plans. Accompanied by Mirio, Eri witnessed the 1-A show and was completely enveloped in it to dispel Overhaul's menacing aura. These and the following moments were made by a Cosplay on Mirio and Eri Created by Raptor with a shotgun. As you can see in the post below, with the various photos these Mirio and Eri take up again the poses of the characters we saw in manga and anime and tear apart a smile.

Another perfect Eri cosplay was created by Kleiner Pixel.

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