While the animated series has just entered the narrative arc of the Kingdom of Swords, in the manga by Black clover The battle between the Knights of the Clover Kingdom and the Dark Triad is now at an advanced stage. At the most difficult moment, night shows his companions his true strength.

Since his mysterious debut, the Black Bulls vice-captain has shocked fans with his incredible skills. Night has indeed set numerous contracts with the devilswhich, as mentioned in Chapter 278, give him access to several forms of Devil Union.

The final chapter of Yuki Tabata features Night and Green Mantis Captain Jack the Ripper Face Dante, reinforced by a series of experiments performed on his body after a previous defeat. Although the antagonist has terrifying power, Nacht has an answer to it.

The black cop vice captain picks you up second Devil Union modewhat gives it a body that can withstand Dante's gravity. This new form, called Devil Slots: Devil Union Mode Equus, is fundamentally different from the form that was admired during training with Asta and Liebe. So it is legitimate to wonder what other power your body is hiding. The captains onslaught continues in Black Clover 278. Yuno will deal with his past in the next few episodes of the Black Clover anime.

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