Not even time to recover from the long and violent struggle with the Supernatural Liberation Front that professional heroes are already forced to put back into action. Indeed, in the new chapter of My hero academia The criminals planned to evacuate the captured comrades from Tartarus.

Tomura Shigaraki and All For One are determined not to leave the room and let the Pro Heroes regain their strength, which they still do the count of the dead and the disasters caused by the terrible battle with the bad guys.

All For One, who has full control over his student's body, amassing a horde of powerful names for Launch an attack on Tartarus, a maximum security prison where his real body is closely monitored.

But the facility has one to defend legendary reputation. Similar to a fortress, there are bridges that prevent access to unwanted, self-sealing floors and fleets of drones and combat mechs, as well as numerous guards.

However, All For One manages to output an EMP signal for Turn off the entire electronic system of the prison, which thus remains almost helpless. In addition, the fearsome villain sends a mental signal to the other prisoners and tells them to flee.

Muscular, Moonfish and Mr. Compress You immediately return to action to help their leader and escape the facility. Free Now, All For One meets Shigaraki in front of the jail. Hell falls on the society of heroes in My Hero Academia 297. Bakugo is creepy in this artwork from My Hero Academia.

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