Black clover is at a specific moment in his narrative arc: after an initial phase of the presentation that focuses on the kingdom of the heart, which can also be seen in the anime with some filler episodes, the story then turned towards the real clash with the new enemies, the bosses of the Kingdom of Swords, also known as the Dark Triad.

After fighting Zenon and Vanica, Black Clover readers also saw Dante, the third member of the triad, in action. The man had to take care of the Black Bulls and most of all Yami Sukehiro, the real aim of its appearance. The power of the man and the demon was not enough to overwhelm the enemy as the combination of Yami and Asta's attacks managed to take him down.

But in Chapter 260 by Black Clover Despite the victory, a very unpleasant unexpected occurred that brought the protagonists a crushing defeat. After the fight ends, Asta leaves thanks to Finral to recover from the tough fight. Yami instead focuses on Dante so that if he wakes up he cannot harm anyone.

However, it appears from a dark portal Zeno who immediately attacks Yami and catches him with his bones. The efforts of the still strong Black Bulls have been useless and indeed they risk losing Asta for a moment. However, Zenon is too tired for another fight and withdraws with the bodies of Yami and Dante.

The triad unexpectedly reached its goal, What will become of the world of the black clover? from now on?

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