The main work of Hiro Mashima, fairy tale Although it ended in Japan more than three years ago, it still has an incredible community behind it today, thanks in particular to the activity of the mangaka on social media, who occasionally suggest sketches of the characters and respond to major fanarts.

With many spin-offs released in recent years, and also crossovers with series like Seven Deadly Sinsand with the irregular sequel, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest, published in Italy by Star Comics, the adventures of Natsu and his companions seem very far from their actual conclusion.

Among the numerous characters that were introduced in the course of the chapters and episodes, in addition to the protagonists Natsu Dragonil and Lucy Heartphilia, Gajil Redfox stands out, the dragon slayer, who was originally presented as the antagonist. Extremely strong, Gajil will later join Fairy Tail, after the dissolution of Phantom Lord and at the request of the guild master Makarov.

Immediately The relationship between Natsu and Gajil is that of friends / rivalsand we will see them compete against each other in combat multiple times, such as Goku and Vegeta. User @ EtheriousNd777 made a great drawing that you can find where it's shown at the bottom of the page the Potara merger between Natsu and Gajil.

Soon Hiro Mashima will announce a new project and we remind you that a box containing the first volumes of Fairy Tail is available.

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