They're not just fans of the Manga by Kentaro Miura Want to create berserk fan art and cosplay: The Japanese artist's colleagues have often shared drawings that focus on Gatsu and the other characters in the work. Director Satoshi Kon also created a music video about the series.

There is actually an AMV on YouTube Directed by Satoshi Konusing scenes from the animated version of the series broadcast in 1997 together with a piece of the soundtrack entitled "Powers"composed by Susumu Hirasawa.

At the end of the news, you'll see the 3 minute and 20 second video that introduces the various protagonists of the series. Gatsu, Caska and Griffis, along with numerous action scenes that are one of the strengths of the Kentaro Miura manga. The film was instantly appreciated by fans, even if few were aware of Satoshi Kon's homage to the story of Berserk, one of the most famous manga of the past twenty years. While we wait for more news of a possible new animated series focused on Gatsu, we recommend this fun mod from The Witcher to play as the protagonist of Berserk.

Finally we have bad news for manga readersIt appears that Berserk will take a break after Chapter 361.

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