The first volume dedicated to the new universe of series Batman , the Three Jokers, and given its incredible success, DC Comics has decided to preview the events of the second edition on September 29th.

After the bloody events that marked the final tables of the previous volume, we'll see the dark knight, Batgirl and Red Hood Work with the Gotham City Police Department to uncover the secret behind the Three Jokers.

Below is a small preview of the second volume: "As Batman and Batgirl follow clues, they appear unite the three jokers with someone from the Dark Knight's pastRed Hood finds himself in a dangerous situation and tries to get out without his allies. Batman: The Three Jokers continue their journey in the final analysis of the clown Prince of Crime and his constant confrontation with Batman. Get ready for chapter two of one of the most terrifying personal secrets Batman has ever faced. "

To tease readers, DC Comics has also revealed the two covers, regular and variant, as well as three sides of the story in question, which you can find at the bottom of the news. Recall that the origins of the Batmobeast were recently revealed and we'll leave you to our guide to the DC Comics Universe by Panini Comics.

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