The well-known franchise for digital monsters and digi-chosen is back this year with the restart of the anime's first season. Digimon Adventure 2020 and for the pace that the first episodes show, in which numerous Ultimate Evolutions have already been introduced, we may soon see the return of one of the most powerful Digimon: Omegamon.

Omegamon, also known as Omnimon, first appears in one of DigiChosen's most intricate moments and is the result of a merger. He belongs to the Order of the Royal Knights and has an almost unique power. Indeed, Omegamon is capable of this combine the powers of War Greymon and Metal Garurumon.

Just to pay homage to this incredible character, you belong to the digital world the SH figures has decided to make a great Omegamon figurine which will be available from February 2021 at a price of around 8,250 yen 65 euros. The figure in question is a certain version of the Digimon as it is a different color from the original, with blue and gold predominating.

In view of the plot developments achieved in the last episodes and the continuous introduction of new opponents, the Omegamon debut in Digimon Adventure 2020 it could be very close. Keep in mind that a new development has arrived in episode 13 and some fans think that there are too many deviations from the first series.

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