The one for all and its legacy are the central center of My hero academia. But we still know very little about this powerful quirk. However, an incredible new detail that has been overlooked by most has been revealed by a very attentive fan.

During the work of Kohei Horikoshi, All Might kept his quirk confidential repeatedly and only after lengthy investigations by Midoriya did the public discover this More details about this force. We know from One For All that it is a quirk that can be freely given away and that every heir receives the knowledge of the previous owner. But one detail that had escaped readers was spotted by an observant fan.

On his profile, Twitter user @sandypsy, who noticed an interesting detail about One For All that had been cleverly passed on. Tomura Shigaraki uses Ragdoll's quirk to locate his opponents and locates Midoriya and her companions by target. While Bakugo and the others were represented by a simple four-pointed star, Deku had appeared as a multi-pointed star. At first it was believed that this was due to the fact that Izuku was the villain's main target, but this difference was observed from a new point of view.

"The extra points on the star that Shigaraki saw are just the normal four-pointed stars of many overlapping people"The user wrote, commenting on the table. This theory seems entirely plausible, as the final chapters of My Hero Academia reveal that the previous owners of One For All" live "in Deku. Kohei Horikoshi describes this incredible detail as hiding important information in very small nuances. Another My Hero Academia fan almost discovered the identity of a Midoriya predecessor. A mysterious character appears in chapter 288 of My Hero Academia; Who is it?

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