The death of Kentaro Miura left a huge void for many, even those who didn't know him. The mangaka showed himself through to the world berserk, the world's most famous dark fantasy manga, which has literally written important pages in the Japanese comic world. The death of the author also meant the end of the manga.

This was until a few hours ago when Hakusensha decided to announce the return of Berserk with Studio GAGA for the drawings and Kouji Mori for supervising the work. A group of authors, certainly unpublished, who can continue thanks to the notes left by Miura and above all to the many stories and ideas that the mangaka had shared with his colleague and brotherly friend Kouji Mori.

but as Berserk fans took on the web about the manga's return? On Twitter, of course, many people from around the world took to the air to share their thoughts on this election. Apart from those who mention the coincidence of the return between Berserk and Hunter x Hunter, many are happy that Kentaro Miura's legacy is not thrown away but continues to the end. Disbelief still lingers, but already there are those who can't wait and start the countdown to the next chapter.

And Berserk 365 already has a disturbing preview page in Young Animal.

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