Jujutsu Kaisen It took us some time to explain the structure of the jujutsu tech world, but now we can't do without it. In the first few episodes we saw Itadori Yuji inherit the power of Sukuna, and in the final arc of Nobara we were impressed with a really motivating phrase!

In this arch Yuji is in danger as he has been the target of rival jujutsu tech studentswho want to kill him in order to kill Sukuna too. Each of the young wizards tested their skills in order to defend their companion Yuji. But in this arch we also saw the moving story of the sisters Maki and Mai!

All members of Jujutsu Tech are unique, and Nobara was the first student to be introduced to Yuji in the first episodes of the anime produced by the MAPPA studio. Of all the wizards we've seen in Shonen history Nobara has very special powers, perhaps one of the most unique ever seen using a voodoo doll, nails and a hammer to harm the opponent, very different from the powers of his teammate Yuji. Although Nobara has no demon in her, she has undoubtedly proven her physical and other strength several times.

Twitter user Izuku Shonen shared a very motivating quote from our Nobara which is: "I am not interested in "man" or "woman"! You can keep this bullshit to yourself! I like myself when I'm pretty and well dressed and I like myself when I'm strong!""

The world of the Shonen is populated by strong female figures. Naruto's unforgettable Sakura, Bleach's Rukia, ONE PIECE's Nami and Robin and many more. Nobara is not far behind and it can be a great inspiration to all young people who watch souls (and not only) when they see these values ​​being passed on (love for yourself, to know yourself as one). Who knows how the story will go on! At the moment we know that in chapter 137 of the manga, Gojo became a criminal.

What is that quote from an anime that you carry in your heart? Let us know in the comments!

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