Through their official social pages Netflix released a new promotional video from Bastard!! -The Dark God of Destruction, new original anime series based on the 1988 manga by Kazushi Hagiwara.

The legendary late 1980s post-apocalyptic dark fantasy opera that inspired six OAVs between 1992 and 1993 is about to debut on Netflix. The streaming giant, the June 30thwill herald a new era for adventurers.

Before debuting later this month, a new promotional clip from bastard!! - The dark god of the destroyer. This follows the Bastard's first key visual!! from Netflix, unveils Coldrain's opening theme "Bloody Power Frame" and announces a new member of the original cast, Mami Koyama, who will voice Anslasax.

Modern civilization ended four hundred years ago and the world is in chaos. Led by the Four Heavenly Kings, the rebel army of darkness expands its power to revitalize the world God of Destruction Anslasax. The kingdom of Meta-likana is under attack and to save it, Tia Nort Yoko decides to revive an ancient wizard who wanted to rule the world in ancient times. So it comes alive again Dark Tailor Wizard.

The 13 Episodes of Bastard!! - The Destroyers of the Dark Gods are coming Takaharu Ozaki at LIDEN FILMS. Yosuke Kuroda is in charge of the scripts, while Sayaka Ono is designing the characters. Yasunori Ebina and Yasuharu Takanashi are working on the sound effects and music.

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