The saga of the bespectacled detective is truly famous in The Rising Sun, a work that has guaranteed the franchise several animated films as well as a television series so long-lasting that it has continued uninterrupted since the now distant 1996. Netflix becomes huge catalog.

If on the one hand Gosho Aoyamathe father of the series, intends to continue the Detective Conan manga up to at least 200 volumes, on the other hand, the franchise continues to be enriched with new parallel productions, the latest of which are arriving around the world on Netflix in the fall 2022 season.

It's about Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawaa series inspired by the spin-off manga of the same name Mayuko Kanba. Set in Beika-cho, Tokyo, the story follows the daily events of the "black man," a silhouette character of an unidentified criminal from Detective Conan. At the bottom of the news, you can also check out the announcement teaser trailer with some excerpts from the manga and some color images from the anime.

Remember that the announcement of the Detective Conan spin-off was only announced a month ago, but the involvement of Netflix will guarantee a distribution of the series also in Bel Paese. And you will follow this new anime instead? Let us know with a comment below.

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