In previous chapters of avenger We had witnessed an important revelation involving the god of thunder and the flaming being. Currently, the latter has deepened its intentions. Let's find out what he said together.

For a few weeks now it's no longer a mystery what connects the two characters. Avengers 42 had actually revealed Thor's origins by revealing how to readers the real mother the hero was precisely the phoenix. However, it was the unity itself to show oneself to the Son and to confirm in the new chapter that we had come to earth to rejoin him. She further stated that Gaea's identity as Mother of God was one too A lie created to urge him to protect the earth. The words of the flaming bird confuse Thor and lead to internal conflict. Before the arrival of Jane Foster, the being continued to show the hero his love for him by trying to win him over.

There are gods, however Suspicion of these revelationsIn fact, it is not clear whether they are part of a deception aimed at pushing Thor into taking actions that are still obscure. We actually remember that the phoenix himself is the one who made this known Black Panther wanting to choose him as her next guest.

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Finally, I'm bringing Wolverine back with the Phoenix costume when he appeared in Avengers 42.

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