Attack of the Giants Anime Guide: What To Recover Given Season Four

The Attack of the Giants 4 is in post-production, a key element in helping us understand how close we are to completing the epic story Hajime Isayama wrote over a decade ago. Now the broadcast is over: In fact, there are still a month and a few weeks before you can take part in the new animated events.

The most ardent fans can use this time of distance to review the adventures of Eren and his companions. A Reddit user decided to do it sum up the situation in the anime of The Attack of the Giants with a post Informative about the passage of the seasons and about the different OAVs that have been produced in history which also include spin-offs and special chapters. Some turn out to be mandatory, e.g. B. Seasons while others may be optional.

It starts with that, of course first season of The Attack of the GiantsThe last post-credits scene, which then goes back to the second season, is also important. Once the first season is over, you can move on to three OAVs: Use's diary, an unexpected visitor, fear.

Then it is the turn of an OAV, which is divided into two parts: the "no regrets" with Levi. After these two episodes we can start with the second season, which consists of episodes from 26 to 37. Then it's the turn of two new optional OAVs that focus on Lost Girls, Annie Leonhart's side.

Then we come to the third season of The Attack of the Giants, which, however, is divided into two parts. First there is the one from episodes 38-48 that comes up followed by another OAV from Lost Girls, this time that of Mikasa Ackerman. Only then does episode 49 and the post-credit scene that anticipates the second part of the season follow. Once that vision is over, viewers will be ready for the Giants 4 attack that awaits us in December.

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