Chapter 311 of My Hero Academia showed us the new weapons that the protagonists' opponents can fight with Endeavor He had to deal with a number of revelations about him.

As you know, Endeavor always tried to be Successor to All Might For this reason, as a symbol of peace, he subjected his children to an extremely harsh training regime, while the relationship with their mother became increasingly strained. Endeavor was seriously injured during his clash with the Paranormal Liberation Front, but what struck the audience and fans the most was the revelations from his opponents: Dabi is indeed his eldest son Toyawhile the conditions under which he forced his children to train were revealed to the population.

In a later scene in the manga, we can see Endeavor receiving insults from people who did not forgive the character for his son's numerous crimes. All that remains is to wait for the next chapters of the manga Kohei Horikoshi to find out how his story will go on. In the meantime, there are some rumors here about My Hero Academia 312, instead there is a cosplay here dedicated to Mirko from My Hero Academia.

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