We are now used to the original Japanese acronyms. After a few decades of listening to the theme songs by Giorgio Vanni, who took turns with Cristina d'Avena, while in the 80s we met epic themes like that of the Knights of the King, the new souls now have the original openings. The same applies The attack of the giants.

The anime has just started airing its fourth and final season, and each episode now begins with the familiar notes from My War in the original Boku no Sensou. What if we turned it into Italian with the title "La mia guerra"? Singer and YouTuber Kobato showed us one Italian version of the opening of The Attack of the Giants 4.

Starting with a Hange Zoe Cosplay, Kobato returns to the world of The Attack of the Giants again by reinterpreting the lyrics of My War written and produced by Shinsei Kamattechan. Above you can see the video with the Italian song of the opening in the TV version, so it lasts a little over a minute and a half. Do you think it's superior to the Japanese original, or do you still prefer the Shinsei Kamattechan version?

It's not the first time singer Kobato has devoted herself to The Attack of the Giants after showing her version of a few years ago Guren no Yumiya, first opening of the anime, which went viral during this time.

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