The flash forward with which the series started Boruto: Naruto the next generations The community sparked a lot of discussion, especially because of the clash between the protagonist and Kawaki or a literally destroyed Konoha. As unthinkable as such a struggle was, the revelations of the last chapter made it possible.

Initially, this scene had left some doubts about the identity of Boruto’s opponent, who, sooner or later, would actually become part of the story. The assumptions about Kawaki’s nature have created even more confusion The latter asked Naruto for help and protection, the Seventh Hokage, as used by the Kara organization as the unconscious container of Isshiki Otsutsuki.

After the introduction, the relationship between Boruto and Kawaki became further complicated as it was found that their respective Karma tokens are an ancient Otsutsuki clan method of being reborn, chosen as a container within the body. However, the greatest and most disturbing revelation has come recently with the publication of Chapter 54, which states that even if the seals are broken, The trace of the Otsutsuki’s genetic material remains in the host’s bodyas if it were some kind of backup.

After reaching around 80% of the transformation process, this seems to be possible Both will be at least partially overwhelmed by the forces of the Karma brand, an event that could inevitably cause the confrontation at the beginning of the story. Recall that Naruto is currently in Critical Condition and we leave you with the details regarding the hidden power of Boruto, who appears to be very similar to his father’s Nine-Tails Fox.

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