That the production de The attack of the giants 4 Not sailing in good waters is a fact now, but Studio MAPPA works tirelessly to achieve a final season that lives up to expectations. Nevertheless, a part of the community destroys the work of the employees with insults and little constructive criticism.

But what compelled the anime staff to step in with an explanation? Let's take a step back when the highly anticipated Episode 5 last week focused on Reiner and Eren's confrontation with the resulting declaration of war. Fans raged against the director of the episode, Teruyuki Ominewho was forced to temporarily close his account due to "Not having entered the correct OST at the time of disclosure".

Yesterday, with the release of episode 6, another controversy came from fans who are again they threw themselves at Omine which however, due to the massive use of computer graphics in the new episode of The Giants' Attack 4, had no responsibility for the episode in question. It seems the staff didn't see us again this time and decided to post a statement that follows here:

"Everyone working on this season is shedding sweat and tears of blood so that this anime appears as pleasant as possible despite an insane and very tight time window. A time that is even below the anime norm."

Then he adds:

"You are free to have your own opinion on the product, but it is unacceptable to annoy and harass the staff. To have at least the courtesy to respect all efforts made for this series would at least be welcomed to mature." . "

A strong message shared by the staff at The Attack of the Giants 4 that we hope to permanently erase all of this controversy as it has little criticism once and for all. Instead, what do you think of this absurd situation? Let us know with a comment below.

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