Vultus V. is a mecha animated series that has sparked discussions in the past due to controversial issues related to the revolution that led to its being banned in the Philippines. However, let's find out how this hasn't resulted in live action currently being produced.

There are numerous reasons that force a government to choose Censorship of a product. In Italy too, some animated works have changed significantly in the past due to misunderstandings about the aim of the series, mostly in violent scenes or with an erotic background.

However, the case of Vultus V in the Philippines is very different. The anime was produced in 1977, a time when the aforementioned country was ruled by a dictatorship which, due to the growing dissatisfaction of the population, for fear of an uprising in 1979 banned work whose subjects centered on this subject.

The cartoon it was not broadcast in the country until after 1986, the year that a largely peaceful revolution called the "Rosary" took place. Vultus V later became more popular, so a Live action produced by Filipino director Mark A. Reyes and of which we can see a first trailer on the cover of this news item.

In the video We notice the mighty mecha come into action to defend the planet from what appears to be an alien attack and to fight a large enemy. What do you think about it? Leave us a comment.

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