In the new episode of The attack of the giants 4 The members of the Scout Army are taking action, so we have the opportunity to review numerous characters, including Sasha Blouse. However, the latter in particular is shown to us from a new perspective.

After Eren's transformation into a giant, the boy starts one Fight with the giant hammer in which the members of the reconnaissance army intervene, who finally show themselves to the audience of Attack of the Giants 4. Despite their amazing entry into the scene, the protagonists of the past seasons take on the role of attackers this time.

This new side of the characters is shown to us in several scenes, but one specifically focuses on the characters of Gabi and Sasha. While the little warrior runs in search of Falco, she is stopped by two of Marley's soldiers, who prevent her from entering the place where the fighting takes place. Unfortunately both of them one after the other The military is shot down of some rifle shots in front of the girl's eyes. Soon after we revealed the identity of the person who shot, or Sasha, who is shown with you from Gabi's point of view particularly cold expression worthy of a villain.

It now seems clear that with the discovery of the new enemies of Marley's nation, the Scout Army will find itself increasingly in a position people have to face rather than giants and this will cause the deaths of people dear to the characters of both factions. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

Finally, I remember that some animations of the new episodes unfortunately did not convince fans of The Attack of the Giants 4.

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