Just over a month ago, the anime de The attack of the giants, now in its final season. The fourth is in fact the completion of the story of Eren Jaeger and all the other characters we know so far. However, it does so by learning about a new world that is beyond the sea at the end of season three.

And finally, comes one of the most anticipated characters, one of the descendants of the Nine Giants of Ymir. After seeing the colossus, woman, jaw, and everyone else in action, only the giant hammer was missing, at least so far left in a mysterious way. Its debut took place in Attack of the Giants 4x06, the moment the war between Marley and Eldia officially broke out.

To emphasize his eagerly awaited arrival, the Japanese fan, who also signs up as vvv020vvv, shared his Fan art about Lara Tybur and her transformation into the giant hammer. In the tweet below you can see exactly this double version of the character: the monstrous part that takes up the features shown in the anime, with the red skin protected by a white layer, while in his right hand he creates a new weapon that will attack the enemy; The human part is enclosed in the very hard crystal that Annie Leonhart used in the first season.

Eren's fight against Lara Tybur has yet to end, how will this end Battle of the Giants 4?

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