The conclusion of the story arc of Molo di Dragon Ball Super has led readers to a great new conundrum in the context of an upcoming debut. Who is the enigmatic protagonist of the Granola Survivor saga? From the earliest hypotheses, this new protagonist could be somehow connected to the Saiyan race.

Chapter 68 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga immersed readers in the world of the alien bounty hunter who apparently has quite a few Connections to the Saiyan racewho had wreaked havoc across the universe under the leadership of the alien despot Freeza.

Muesli is part of the cereleani breed, which they apparently were Brought to extinction by the Saiyajins transformed into oozaru. At the head of the team that destroyed their planet was Baddack, Goku's father. During the pages of the chapter, the bounty hunter suddenly remembers this catastrophic event and swears vengeance on Freeza and the Saiyans.

Muesli therefore doesn't seem to know what happened later in the universe. The narrative background of this new debut is surprising similar to baby, Dragon Ball GT antagonist, whose race, the Tsufuls, was completely eliminated by the Saiyans. In contrast, Dragon Ball Super's granola has right eye related abilities. Let's find out what divine techniques Beerus is talking about in Dragon Ball Super.

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