On July 19, 2020 ONE PIECE turned 23 years old. A remarkable milestone that few mangas have reached in history. Now at the gates of the 100 volumes, Eiichiro Oda's story is the most famous in Japan and the world, and it will surely be a trauma for many people if it ends in the next few years.

But apart from the arrival of the ONE PIECE final, we are concentrating on the celebrations for this new birthday. The weekly Shonen Jump magazine celebrated ONE PIECE with a cover that contained Luffy with a huge mangaka feather and colored pages. Of course, the publisher didn't stop here and announced it By-products such as the Color Walk Tiger. Unfortunately we had to say goodbye to the attractions of the Tokyo ONE PIECE Tower during the same period.

How did the fans react to this ONE PIECE birthday? The answer, of course, is on Twitter, where many shared their favorite moments and indulged in nostalgia by sharing the covers of the first volume. There are those who have instead retweeted illustrations and composite fan art to celebrate 23 years, and in some you see one Shanks cuddling a little Luffy ate already. And you as you pay homage ONE PIECE?

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