The relationship between the WIT studio and The Attack of the Giants 4 has been talked about for a long time. The anime's final season was announced with a very short teaser trailer and virtually missing animations immediately after the third ended. From then on it started Rumors of a change of study.

The rumor became a reality with one of the latest trailers for The Attack of the Giants 4, which confirmed the change of ownership to Studio MAPPA. But what were the reasons for this change? An insider managed to obtain and translate an interview that was published in the November issue of Newtype where the production reveals the background.

Kodansha's Kensuke Takaishi was approached by the WIT studio at the end of season three to talk about future productions. The studio said that by now they had reached a point in history and that in order to become better creators, They would have moved in other directions. At this point, the management of MBS with Toshihiro Maeda was forced to look for other studios and after MAPPA had also received rejections due to scheduling and workload, MAPPA said it wanted to participate.

Therefore that The production has changed from WIT Studio for internal reasons. The Giants 4 attack is scheduled for December, what will it be like?

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