The narrative arc dedicated to the Kara organization of the series Boruto: Naruto the next generations evolves in a fairly articulate way, with the introduction of a new character, Deepa, and the brief hiatus Boruto and Sarada have taken to hone their skills and combat skills.

While the members of Team 7 are undergoing certain training, with the exception of Mitsuki, who is in serious condition after activating Hermitian mode during the Deepa fight, the preview of the next episode was expecting to see an interesting collaboration between two teams.

As you can see in the video at the bottom of the news that @Abdul_Zoldick shared on Twitter, Shikadai and his team will be moving away from Konoha to complete a mission that Shinki and his companions will also participate in. From what the pictures show, it would appear that way This time it will be up to the sons of Shikamaru and Gaara to join forces to counteract the incredible power of Deepa, able to manipulate the carbon contained in her body.

Episode 169 entitled "A common mission with sand", will then show us what the two teams in question are really capable of, in the hope that they can at least somehow stop the dangerous organization member Kara. Recall that in the last episode we saw a touching scene of the Uchiha family and leave you to the new ending of the anime.

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