We're nearly two full months away from broadcasting new and final season of The Attack of the Giants. In Italy, we witnessed the events of The Attack of the Giants 4x06 last week.

Everyone has noticed the change of scene by now, they have learned to know the new characters that are introduced at this stage of the story, but in any case, we look forward to the protagonists, those individuals we have seen in action over the last three seasons of the story have seen The attack of the giants.

We saw an Eren who is now an adult and has changed in style and appearance. We saw the return of Mikasa and Levi, the two strongest warriors known to man. The characters of Sasha, Connie, Jean and Floch, among many others. But soon there will be a new presentation by Armin Arlert and Hans Zoe, two figures who are now at the head of the exploration legion and who guide it with their strategies.

Studio MAPPA shared the character designs of these two characters, which were completely renewed after the time jump years. Below we see the new version of Armin and Hans with the green raincoats and the white shirt underneath. While we wait to see them again in battle, we remember the arrival of the Episode number 7 on VVVVID and Amazon Prime Video is scheduled for January 26, 2021.

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