We entered the heart of the last season of The attack of the giants and without even realizing it, we have already reached the middle of last season. In the next few episodes, the story will be exposed to new unpredictable developments, of which you can extrapolate a foretaste from the summary of the new episodes.

The price of the Research Corps victory was paid dearly with the death of a famous character. Sasha's death was even honored by her voice actress, who shared a moving message with her through her social channels. Without the time to allow themselves a well-deserved break, the protagonists will face new twists in the coming weeks that will further develop the characterization of the characters. In this regard, the insider SPY shared in the network the titles of episodes 11 and 12 along with a short plot that follows:

  • Episode 11, "Scammers":"With nowhere to go, without a clue and with little hope of a return, the devil himself is the only one who can help";
  • Episode 12, "Instructions":"Who should you hate? Who should I annoy? Your beliefs start to waver";

Oddly enough, Episode 11 will adapt part of Chapter 110, while the next, Episode 12, will adapt the previous Chapter 109 instead. And you, instead, what do you expect from the next few episodes? As usual, let us know in the section devoted to comments.

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