The growing popularity of anime over the last few years, which is also likely to increase thanks to Crunchyroll and other platforms, shows how fit the medium is. Japan has been dedicated to promoting cultural products for some time, and thanks to the Japan Business Federation, anime are now part of the initiative.

Also known as KeidanrenIndeed, the association has sought to promote the animation sector by recognizing it as one of the greatest examples of creative work and expression in the entertainment content creation industry. Also considering the growing success of animations produced in South Korea and ChinaKeidanren decided to speed up this process by asking the Japanese government to invest heavily in promoting anime and manga.

After all, in the past, thanks to the Cool Japan initiative, funds could be made available to help animation studios in difficulty or reach new levels of quality, as has happened to Kyoto animation after the devastating fire on July 18, 2019 or for Sentai Filmworks. Another point in favor of what Keidanren presented would be the tourist boom that comes from the promotion of many anime series. Thousands if not millions of fans would travel to theme parks, special locations, or even real locations featured in their favorite anime.

In essence, Keidanren's idea promote anime to promote Japaninvest in advertising campaigns to attract tourists and invest in producing the best-in-class series that can withstand growing animation competition from South Korea and China.

And what do you think of this suggestion from Keidanren? Let us know in the comments. Finally, we leave you a director's opinion on the success of anime and the most anticipated anime for the entire Spring 2023 season.

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