In the series of dragon ball Akira Toriyama inserted many valuable objects and artifacts around which the protagonists' adventures unfold, and between the golden cloud and the Nyoi staff, one of the most famous is certainly the four-star sphere, to which Goku was particularly attached because he had inherited it from his grandfather Gohan.

Over the years, the Dragon Balls have lost the mysterious aura of Goku and Bulma's initial journey, and while they are no longer the focal point of the narrative, they are often used by the protagonists or antagonists as triggers for new developments. Even today, the four-star sphere, which first appeared on the pages of the manga almost forty years ago, is considered the emblem of the series and thus of the artistic team of Otaku Lamps thought of making a very special version of it.

The new one is about sixty centimeters high and wide LED neon sign It's fairly simple, with reflections and nuances, and the manufacturers promise that it will be able to illuminate any space that enthusiasts decide to place it very well. Coming onto the market in the next few months, the lamp can already be booked on the company website at Price of 170 dollars, about 155 euros at the current exchange rate. Let us know what you think of this lamp dedicated to the origins of the Dragon Ball series in the comments.

Before we say goodbye, here are Goku and Bulma stuffed animals with their first designs and we leave you a great fan art of Wolverine as a Saiyan warrior.

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