In a recent surge of excitement, the animation sphere buzzed with the unveiling of a teaser for Gensho Yasuda's inaugural anime film, "Make A Girl." The clip tantalized viewers, showcasing a talented ensemble for voiceovers and behind-the-scenes maestros, yet left the audience in suspense, withholding the premiere date.

The teaser's imagery captivated, depicting the protagonist in dual settings, sparking curiosity with the tagline: Β«Who is the real me?Β».

Stellar Voice Cast

  • Atsumi Tanezaki breathes life into Number 0.
  • Shun Horie lends his voice to Akira Mizutamari.

Esteemed Production Crew

  • Genshou Yasuda, a polymath in the anime realm, not only spearheads the project but also juggles multiple roles from scripting to CG direction at Yasuda Gensho Studio by Xenotoon.
  • Yuichi Imaizumi orchestrates the auditory experience at Sonilude, while Tsutomu Ueno crafts the sound effects.
  • The musical landscape is sculpted by Kenichiro Suehiro, known for his work on notable titles.

Unveiling "Make A Girl"

The narrative of "Make A Girl" springs from the 3D short "Make Love," a brainchild of Yasuda. It chronicles the tale of Akira, a high school innovator, and his creation, an "artificial girlfriend" named Number 0. The film is a collaborative effort between Yasuda's own studio and the 3D CG expertise of Xenotoon.

The project's financial foundation was laid through a crowdfunding initiative, which concluded with a triumphant collection, far surpassing its initial target. Yasuda's vision for the film's release is set for 2024, a testament to his dedication and the support of his followers.

As the anticipation builds, the anime community eagerly awaits the arrival of "Make A Girl," a testament to Yasuda's creative prowess and the collaborative spirit of the medium. The journey from conception to completion is a narrative of passion, innovation, and the unwavering support of fans. This film promises to be a beacon of inspiration, inviting viewers to ponder the essence of identity and the marvels of technology.

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Source: Comic Natalie

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