Overwatch: a fan creates a splendid animated opening in My Hero Academia style

That of Overwatch It is an extremely well-known video game that can count on a huge fan base, millions and millions of users from all over the world who every day launch into exciting battles with bullet sounds where only the best can even hope to be able to win.

As you may remember, not too long ago it was confirmed that two flagship IPs of Blizzard Activision, or Diablo and Overwatch, would have seen the arrival of dedicated animated series. The details in this regard were very narrow and, in addition to the confirmation that Netflix would take care of everything, at present the fans are still groping in the dark, unsure of what we will see coming.

While waiting for news, however, a fan tried to imagine what Overwatch could become if it were transposed in the form of an animated production, a question that led to the light of a fanmade opening - to which a single person worked - made with great care and that, in addition to showing all the most famous characters of the appreciated videogame work, has been able to characterize itself for a peculiar style that fully resumes from the epic of My Hero Academia. The end result, as you can see from the video itself, is nothing short of incredible and has been able to earn the praise of many users.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that on the pages of Everyeye you can find an in-depth analysis dedicated to the awaited animated series Overwatch.

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