At the first appearance in Wano in the form of a dragon and then during the Battle of Onigashima, Kaido's devil fruit has been shown to have unique and extraordinary abilities, as well as destructive. The Emperor of ONE PIECE wore sharp wind blades, devastating beams of fire, and even the ability to fly.

However, the latter does not work as you might think, and the truth about this power is revealed by Yamato in chapter 1027 of ONE PIECE. Luffy's return to Onigashima on Momonosuke's horse also marked the beginning of a new battle between Kaido and the Mugiwara captain. In the meantime, however, the The young Shogun and Yamato go to the base of the flying island to stop them.

At this point, Yamato reveals that a kite doesn't flybut creates clouds of fire under the legs, which it uses for running. The same operation was used by Kaido on Onigashima to enable the island to move in the sky. The clouds of fire are created almost instinctively by Momonosuke, who now has to do it consciously in order to block the fall of Onigashima on Wano and, more precisely, on the flower capital.

Momonosuke and Kaido will then face each other in the next chapters of ONE PIECEeven if not from the front, but using the strength of one's own strength.

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