Netflix has been dedicated to expanding its catalog in the anime industry for some time. There are many products that will arrive in 2022, but not only series with different episodes are planned. In fact, it will be distributed in a few days bladderFilm by the director of Death Note and Attack of the Giants.

There are several bubble trailers that Netflix came out in the last few months. However, the release date is getting closer and that's why the streaming giant has decided to share one more bubble trailer to illustrate well the characteristics of this world full of bubbles and to play "Bubble feat. Uta", the main song of the film sung by Eve.

Directed by Tetsuro Araki of WIT Studio, Bubble is a story taking shape in Tokyo, after the bubbles that broke the law of gravity began raining down across the world. Cut off from the world, Tokyo has become something of a parkour playground for various groups of young people who have lost their families. Hibiki is a young man who gets along well but is also known for his dangerous parkour performances. One day he misses a train and is rescued by Uta, a girl with mysterious powers who suddenly appears.

The film sees Gen Urobuchi's involvement in the script and by well-known mangaka Takeshi Obata, artists from Death Note, Bakuman, Platinum End, Hikaru no Go and All You Need is Kill, to character design. There are those too Presence of Hiroyuki Sawano, the acclaimed composer who worked on the music of The Attack of the Giants for the first three seasons. Bubble will be available from April 28, 2022.

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